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Gm throttle body injection article from Trucks magazine

Cylinder Head Facts

Fact: Factory GM High Performance Heads are relatively poor flowing and have a huge 325cc intake runner.  Flow = hp and runner size = torque.  If you compare two cylinder heads that flow the exact same, choose the smaller runner head for it will make more power throughout the rpm range.  Now, what if the smaller runner cylinder head flows more than the larger runner head?  You've hit the jackpot!

Canfield Aluminum Cylinder Heads for the Big Block Chevy

The Best just got better! We are now offering the Canfield Big Block Cylinder Heads with  optional Iconel Exhaust Valves and also Hard Anodizing! The Iconel exhaust valve is mandatory for extreme heat caused by super/turbo chargers, nitrous, and/or extended use at high rpm's. The Hard Anodizing is mandatory for those who want to use  aluminum cylinder heads in marine applications! Fresh and Salt Water will quickly corrode unprotected aluminum. Both of these are available as options when ordering any of the Canfield Heads below.

Note: The Canfield Big Block Cylinder heads have been the secret horsepower advantage that leading engine builders have been using for the past 1-2 years. More power for less money - "Gotta love it - We do!!!"

Can Your Drivetrain Handle It? Can You?

  Part#CAN-100  Canfield 310cc Big Block

Chevy Head w/CNC chamber,  bowls blended, and intake gasket match "way down"

Excellent cylinder head for Offshore Boat, Drag Race, Dirt big block Modifieds, and Super Modifieds.

All Standard Canfield Assemblies Include:

  • Stainless Intake and Severe Duty Exhaust Valves

  • Valve springs matched to your cam

  • 10 Degree Retainers and Locks

  • PC Teflon Valve Seals

  • 7/16" Studs and Guide Plates

           Typical Flow Numbers for 310CC Canfield With Optional CNC Chamber's, Bowl Ported, and Intake Gasket Match .  Remember this is a 310cc head and as your about to read it outflows many 340-350cc heads! Wow!!! Yikes!!!

Valve Lift

Intake CFM

Exhaust CFM



















These are very impressive numbers ! Look at the low and mid lift numbers - amazing!  

Attn: Hot Boat Owners - these cylinder heads can give you an increase of 50-100+hp over the stock Chevrolet performance heads. These will make substantial power on 454-540 cid engines. They are especially terrific for use on all factory 502cid+ engines!

 How about a 9:1 590hp at 5000rpm
and 620hp at 5500rpm 502cid BBC ?

Part# CAN-100

Was $2599 Now $2197!!! 

Your choice of 110cc or 113cc chambers

see additional options below

Includes Bowl Porting and Intake gasket Match -
Intake Flows over  350cfm at .700"!!!

Part# CAN-050

  Was $2195 Now $1897!!!

119cc as cast chamber volume

see options below

  Highest quality parts and superior airflow for an unbelievably low cost! Wow!!!

Options on head packages:

  1. Iconel exhaust valves + $250

  2. Hard Anodized Castings +$250

  3. Crane Valvesprings for Marine Hydraulic Roller Cams +$100

Canfield 355cc Heads are available also!!!

Please call to order any of these cylinder heads. Phone # is at the top of this page.

We are developing new products.
to be notified when available!

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#CAN-050 Canfield 310cc Aluminum Cylinder Head Assembly - Out of the Box $1995.00
Intake flows 350cfm right out of the box! Incredible power for low cost!

#CAN-100 310cc Canfield aluminum cylinder head - hand Tuned Bowls and Chambers $2495.00
370 cfm 310cc Intake Runners will give you tremendous horsepower gains!

CFM Technologies All products in this website are not legal for sale or use on CA pollution controlled vehicles. Check local emission laws for your application.

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