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Magazine Feature

Gm throttle body injection article from Trucks magazine

11/11/03   NEWS Flash!!!!

'96+ GM Vortec 4.3/5.0/5.7 Ported Throttle Bodies are available!!! I can definitely feel the power. Thanks again - Ray with a 4.3L I just put the #PVTB-500 on my '99 Suburban and the power is unbelievable. Thanks a lot - Shawn


  • Machined to 75mm all the way thru! The largest the intake manifold will allow!
  • Highly thinned throttle shaft
  • Extremely low profile, button head throttle blade screws
  • Our High Flow Throttle Blade.
  • For pricing and/or ordering please visit our online catalog

  CFM-Tech's High Flow GM Throttle Blades for the '96+ Vortec 4.3 /5.0 / 5.7

Do you want more power with less throttle?

Do you want more power with more throttle?

Do you want more power for under $50?

The stock throttle blade is on the left.  Notice how much area the restrictor takes up at full throttle! At less throttle angles this restrictor closes off even more air and, yet worse, at low throttle it totally closes off one side of the throttle body opening.

Our High Flow Throttle Blade for the '96+ Vortec 4.3 / 5.0 /5.7L engines is shown on the right. 

What a difference! Much more air off idle and way more air at WOT!!!

Your stock engine will like the extra power. Your modified naturally aspirated, nitroused , and/or supercharged 4.3, 5.0, or 5.7 96+ Vortec engine will love it! Forget you even heard about throttle body  spacers for these engines, this is the real deal! Airflow, Airflow, Airflow!

This low cost modification can easily be performed by anyone in as little as 10-15 minutes.  These are not modified factory throttle blades! They are all new! No cutting, no welding or soldering, and no re-drilling involved!

     Our  replacement High Flow GM Throttle Blades for the '96+ Vortec 4.3 / 5.0/ 5.7L engines have been a smashing success. It is unbelievable how word spreads so quickly when a low cost product works so well!. We'd like to thank all the forums - especially , , , , and  for your gracious comments and performance reports pertaining to our GM Vortec High Flow Throttle Blades.

     Take one more look - Notice in the picture above that  the stock throttle blade has a large airflow restricting piece that is riveted  to it.  This "restrictor" was designed  to close off one side of the throttle bore during low throttle input.  This way, when low throttle input was used, low power output is produced. Past approx 1/4 throttle angle the deflector side of the throttle body will start allowing air thru. As the throttle is applied farther past this point- ie: the driver is wanting more engine power - more air is able to get in. This arrangement works well for an average driver, but not for the....

Performance enthusiast
who says
I want power now and I want power at all speeds!!!

Just so you know,

  •  We have tested our new replacement High Flow 4.3/5.0/5.7L Throttle Blades for over 70,000 miles with no adverse effects. Emissions does not change, check engine lights do not mysteriously illuminate, and mpg does not suffer. 100's X 100's of customers from all around the USA have been using these since February of 2002 and have reported only very positive results!
  • Many customers report gains of .1 - .2 seconds in the quarter mile. We've had quite a few customers report better gains than this but since their results are not typical we will not print  them.


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We are also currently in the midst of creating new and exciting performance products for the 96+ 4.3 /5.0 / 5.7 Chevy Vortec CPI engines.Read below for a listing of our current CPI "work in progress": 



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