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Carb and TBI Spacers
from High Velocity Heads (HVH), and Brzezinski Racing

Carburetor Spacers and GM Tbi Spacers are not all the same!

Most function to raise the carb or tbi only, with no regard to air/fuel flow properties. Ours are specifically designed to maximize air and fuel flow!

We Offer the Most Powerful and Highest Quality Line of  Spacers and Adaptors Available!!!

Different engines need different spacers! A tbi spacer or carburetor spacer that works for one application will not necessarily work for another. In fact, it usually doesn't ! We know what it takes for tbi and carburetor spacers to make hp!

 Do the four spacers below look similar? No! They are for 4 different intake manifold to carb / tbi configurations.  We have many, many more available !  

Come on in !

Find one that is right for you!


Our Carburetor Spacers and GM Tbi Spacers Make Horsepower!

CFM-TECH Tbi Spacers add 10-20+hp!

HVH "Super Sucker" 4bbl Carb Spacers add 8-18hp+!

CFM-TECH 2bbl Carburetor Spacers add 15-30+hp!

HVH/ NX "Super Sucker" Nitrous Plates add 40+hp over the 100-400hp settings! Click Here

 Would you believe almost 50hp from a carb spacer?
Click Here for the dyno test

   Here are a few of the comments customers have sent to us:

"Adapter plates (CFM-Tech ported) are doing well.   Everyone is pleased - including us. All have had feature wins with them.......just thought i would drop you a line." J.B. - circle track engine builder

"CFM-Tech is very helpful. When I needed more horsepower I went to cfmtech and they supplied me with lots of ideas to gain more horses. They custom built a carb spacer for me and boy did it ever help. The first race after I put the spacer on I won."- Jon, MN- 351 2bbl

"I installed your 1 inch (CFM-Tech ported) spacer...It was like night and day...The 21 foot Wellcraft hits plane much faster and is at least an honest 2 mph faster.  The engine turns 300 more rpm at WOT. You made a believer out of me...I'm more than satisfied." - DK, Fla- 4.3 2bbl

"I would just like to tell you that I am extremely satisfied with the spacer. It took almost a second off my 0-60 time. Added more top end power. It's a great product. Thanks." - RR,Fla- 5.7 Tbi

Our CFM Technologies' air flow spacers incorporate the latest in horsepower producing air flow technology. Our patented #d416618 airflow designs are second to none. And now, because of their superior design and performance, we are carrying the HVH "Super Sucker" line of carburetor spacers. 

    Click HERE for technical information on our TBI Power Plate Spacers. Note to 2bbl users: You will also find this same information as very valuable for the same design concept is used in our CFM-TECH ported 2bbl carburetor spacers. 

Click HERE for our new Tbi Tuning page.  You'll be glad you did!

Click  the 'Online Catalog' button above for our complete listing!

We, at CFM Technologies, know that airflow is crucial to making horsepower.

We bring you lots of hp building airflow with our patented TBI spacers.

Our custom carburetor spacers, and our 454/502 MPI air flow spacers.

High Velocity Heads' "Super Sucker" carburetor spacers are second to none. None!

The ultimate for street, competition, and marine engines.

Custom carburetor spacers, and our 454/502 MPI air flow spacers.

Their phenolic adapters/spacers are also used as the foundation for our special CFM-Tech hand ported big horsepower carburetor spacers!

CFM Technologies All products in this website are not legal for sale or use on CA pollution controlled vehicles. Check local emission laws for your application.

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